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Every time I am in Liberty I stop and get chocolate chip cookies there and they are the best!!!! Their cakes are wonderful as well!


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18 W. Kansas St.
Liberty, Missouri 64068

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Best cookies and strawberries in the northland!

I've lived in the Liberty/KC area for 8 years and have been waiting for a good cookie/sweet shop to open. My family and I love Classy Chocolates and anytime we need a dessert for something you can bet we will be at Classy Chocolates. Their chocolate chip cookies are amazing along with their chocolate covered strawberries. The staff is always super friendly and helpful, they don't rush you while you try to make a decision. Even when they're busy, which is often as they are very popular, they take their time with each customer while making sure everyone gets in and out efficiently. Their prices are a little high, but for the product it's definitely worth it. Perfect for any occasion!

-Emma L.

Wonderful Bakery

I was looking for something different to bring to work for a birthday party and came across their website. I then talked to some friends who said I had to try their strawberries and their chocolate chip cookies. The strawberries were huge and absolutely amazing. The chocolate chip cookies were the best our family has ever had! It took me 2 days to eat the whole cookie it was so big!! When we crave a cookie we only go to Classy Chocolate. They are the BEST!!


"Best Strawberry Cake in Kansas City"

Classy Chocolate offers the Very Best Strawberry cake you can get anywhere in Kansas City. Every time we have special guests, we get one of their cakes and everyone always goes crazy over the goodness of this wonderful cake. This is a "must have" cake!

-Michael C.

A wonderful dessert shop full of the most delicious goodies you'll find in town!

We've been buying treats from Classy Chocolate for years! Everything we've tasted has been top notch, but our favorite is the chocolate covered strawberries. They're huge and juicy, and covered with a wide variety of chocolates and accents like chocolate chips, coconut, Snickers, and more. Their cookies are excellent, their apples are excellent, their pretzels are excellent...basically, you can't go wrong here. Everyone we've ever interacted with has been pleasant and helpful, so the customer service is just as good as their product. Prices are good, too - definitely less than the bigger competitors. Whether it's for a special occasion like Valentine's Day or just any normal day that calls for a treat, Classy Chocolate will not disappoint! PS - this isn't a restaurant, and there isn't any seating. Just go in, pick your treats, and go home to enjoy them. :)

-Brandon C.

So much goodness

I love this place. Whether just stopping by for an afternoon snack or procuring some sweets for an event, this is the place o go. The chocolate dipped cookies are truly decadent. And, even though this is a chocolate place, the strawberry cake is superb. Definitely a great stop in Liberty.


All Chocolate Cravings Satisfied

This place is just a little bit west of the Liberty Square. It has the best sugar cookies with strawberry icing IN THE WORLD! They are very rich, so you don’t need more than one, and there are many options- chocolate covered strawberries, brownies, cakes, etc. for every sweet tooth out there. Classy Chocolates are a bit pricy, but you definitely get a quality product with that price. I have been buying sweets from them for years, and they never disappoint.

-Grace K.

Sweet Tooth?

Got a sweet tooth or need something for your sweetie...I've just given you a new secret weapon. Classy chocolate doesn't go crazy on design, or crazy fancy...they just bring it, in your face, good.

It's a tiny little place, blink and you'll miss it, open your window and you might be lucky enough to smell the goodness, but don't miss it. Open the door and the mother daughter team will fill your every chocolate need. From a variety of nut clusters, to s'mores, chocolate covered pretzels, or white chocolate covered marshmallows, or the assorted cookies, my mom, wife, or anyone else I've bought for really enjoys classy chocolate...

The reason I really like them, they always have the standbys, but almost every time I go, they've thrown a twist on chocolate, today was a chocolate covered pretzel with ground mixed nuts and crushed candy, nice job...

-Mike W.


My favorite cookie to eat is chocolate chip. I've tried chocolate chip cookies at various bakeries around the Kansas City area and have never been satisfied with them. At Classy Chocolate the chocolate chip cookies are not only great, they're the best I've tasted from any bakery. This is because they are inexpensive, large, and best of all, they are soft and not crispy or crunchy. Oh, and they have chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry cakes, and other goodies as well, but I only go there for their chocolate chip cookies which easily earn 5 stars from me.

-Aaron H.

Heaven in the form of cupcakes!

Classy Chocolate makes cakes so amazing that our wedding guests actually ate the small cake-topper my wife and I would have saved for our anniversary! Think about that. They're that good!!

Throughout the night, and for several days after the wedding, our guests kept asking where we got our cupcakes/cake from.

Customer service is incredible. Desserts are phenomenal.

They're a small hometown business that spreads love through legendary cakes and cupcakes.

I cannot recommend Classy Chocolate enough.

Our guests and parents also said that we picked the "dream team" when it came to vendors. I agree.

-Raymond H.


Amazing chocolate covered strawberries and their strawberry cake is to die for! There are huge hunks of strawberries in the frosting which is a great compliment to the layer cake! I love that this is a local business, built from the ground-up on the owner's hardwork. This is my go-to for holiday gifts and treats.

-Alexis R.

Wonderful Chocolate!

Everything about this place is great from the chocolate dipped pretzles and marshmallows to the freshest dipped strawberries. A must try.

- Anonymous

Incredible Chocolate Covered Strawberries

My Wedding was INCREDIBLE because of Classy Chocolates. Their Chocolate Covered Strawberries where the talk of the night ....even 4 years later People are still talking about the plump, sweet, chocolate covered strawberries! They now have Dark, Milk and White Chocolate don't forget you can add whatever you like to them.... nuts, etc. (almond name it!) Not only did I have them at my Wedding, but I had to have a seperate dozen for our private room that night. Cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, cakes ...etc. they are all so very good! Prices are actually pretty reasonable ...considering other places that I hate to say, but they just don't compare! Order them.. I do every year for our Anniversary!

- Melissa H.

Best Cookies Ever!!!

Every time I am in Liberty I stop and get chocolate chip cookies there and they are the best!!!! Their cakes are wonderful as well! When you first hear the price's you might question it but as soon as you taste their products money doesn't matter anymore! Be sure to call them in because they have a tendency to run out and be sure to get at least 6 if not a full dozen. This is a must try place I wish there was one a little closer to home but then again i would probably gain 100 lbs if that was the case! This way i only get them once every 6 months or for a special occasion like my B-day and Anniversary!

- Jackie B.

Awesome Cookies!

This place sells cookies that are nothing short of amazing--better than anything else I've ever had. Our family had these cookies once, on a tourist stop, and can't stop talking about them over a year later. The chocolate chip cookies and double chocolate cookies were our family's favorite. My only complaint is that they don't ship their cookies out yet.

- Elise N.